Thursday, April 19, 2007

April 14 workshop on educating for social justice

We held our second workshop on Saturday, April 14th and this time we focused on skills for educating about social justice. This can be a very broad topic and the workshop addressed not on the topics on which an educator can focus, but the ways in which an educator can improve the effectiveness and availability of materials and engagement of participants. The workshop began with groups introducing their own experiences in the area by focusing on issues, materials, target audiences and obstacles. Workshop participants reviewed nonprofit NGO brochures, and assessed how they might be used for teaching specific audiences. The participants also discussed media and material development for use within classes. This was followed by a discussion on judging the value and effectiveness of different types of materials when used in conjunction with diverse activities. Discussion focused on the importance of context, techniques for attaching a message of value relative to participants to help them internalize learning points.

Before the final groups activities, the facilitator presented ideas on creating fun and interactive activities in order to reach and “action point”. Instead of students shrugging off a problem as kowari-so, the aim is to get students involved in some way of bring the learning points into their own lives, such as through film or research projects. In the final activity, each group designed a lesson plan focused on a social issue for a specific audience. Plan presentations were followed by discussion on how each could be improved and developed further. Participants each came away with sample materials and new ideas.

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